Saturday, September 1, 2007

Swimming at Auntie Kristin's!

Aunt Kristin spoiled us today with a little impromptu Labor Day Barbecue and Swim Party!

In many areas of the country this would probably be the last swimming day of the AZ we will probably be able to swim right up till Halloween!

Dad, Henry, Clark and Auntie Kristin!

The boys sunning themselves on the rocks...what a nice day.

Dive in guys!

Henry and I still enjoying the pool...everyone else was eating!

My Birthday!

Kevin put together a perfect birthday party for me! Friends, Family and Karaoke at home. If you know me at all, you know home is my favorite place to be!

My mom made a delicious cake and cupcakes! Rachelle and Annie are enjoying the cupcakes...apparently unaware they are being photographed!

Opening presents!! Bradley was enthralled...or did he even notice?

Karaoke! Kevin set up the big speakers! I am sort of in love with my microphone are Abi and Kristin.

Anyway, it was a delightful evening!