Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year from Utah!

Happy New Year Everyone! We are in Utah this year for the holiday. Kev’s family goes bowling as tradition so that is what we are doing tonight. I think the boys are at the perfect ages to be hilarious bowling…I look forward to it!

Yesterday we played in the snow. I thought I would be “Super-Fun-Snow-Mom” and slide down the snow-packed stairs from the deck to the back yard, on an inner tube, with Clark on my lap. I also thought it would be a good idea to run my arm against the stair railing to make sure we didn’t go too fast. Well, both of my ideas turned out to be much more frightening and painful than I expected, but we made it down with relative safety! And I am here to type about it today. (Don’t worry, Clark didn’t experience the pain or fright…just the fun!)

Henry kind of liked the snow. He thought it was funny when I threw snowballs at him. I did too. It is nice to have a snowball fight with children that can’t really throw yet! I recommend it, but I know someday I’m in for major pay-back.

Our puppy Deuce is living the high life at my mom and dad’s. He has grass to play in and lot’s of friends. Milo, Jack, Ringo and Francie are all residing in the general area!

Well, my resolution this year is to de-clutter and simplify my life! I just watched a movie about Mother Theresa, and realized there are many small and simple things I can do in my own home to make it a more peaceful place.

Best wishes to all of you for 2008! We love you!
Kevin, Katie, Clark and Henry Larsen