Monday, March 24, 2008

Clark's First Day of Preschool

Clark, Dad and Henry walking into school! (Mom could not be pictured as she was weeping through the entire experience.)
This is the one time Clark cried a little...we wouldn't let him run right to the playground!

Here is my little baby off on his own in preschool...letting go is so hard!!!!!!!!!


Jordan and Amy said...

What a cutie! He is growing up so fast! I would have been crying too. Thank goodness I still have a little while before Eliza is off to school.

Annie said...

Oh my precious goodness! What a big boy! How was school? I love the one of him crying, it reminds me of the time he was crying because he wanted one cookie for each hand. haha I hope today was a little easier for you.

Dad said...

The school pictures are wonderful. He is a handsome young student with excellent taste in riding partners.