Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clark's Three 3rd Birthdays!

Sunday night was chocolate cake at Gram and Papa's
...Clark's favorite dessert!

Monday, Clark got presents from
Grandma, Grandaddy, Auntie Kristin, Auntie Ashley and Uncle Taylor!
This was ACTUALLY March 19th! Grandaddy was still here
and we invited our sweet Myriam over to celebrate! you notice a theme with Henry???

Myriam, Mommy, Clark and Henry.

Myriam helped Clark with the candle on his cupcake.
Look at the intensity with which the boys are looking
at their cupcakes...I love it!
Happy Birthday Dearest Clarky Boy!


Annie said...

Happy Birthday Clarky! I wrote a book called "The Year I Had Three Birthdays" maybe you've heard of it? Those are good times! Now I want chocolate cake!

Dallan and Ashley said...

How cute! He's so sweet! I heard he had a great first day of school! I still owe him a present!

Amy said...

How fun! Looks like Clark had an awesome B-day.

Jane Says said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Clark!